Screenshot of the Week #123: Diomedes knows no fear!

by on May 15, 2017

I play through disappointing games quite often. But every now and then one of these games is rising up above its flaws and I grow to like it. This is the current situation with Dawn of War III.

Dawn of War III is a much different game than its forefathers, lacking key features or enough content for its price tag while having enough annoying problems. But despite severe change in design and all the obvious flaws, Dawn of War III’s multiplayer has captured my attention. First I thought that the latent 40k fan in me is reawakening but it’s not only that. There is a certain charm hiding behind these new gameplay mechanics that makes me want to play more. After all, how often you get to see heroes leading the charge against gigantic mechanical beasts capable of squashing an army with their tremendous firepower. How often a match is a constant stream of epic battles standing as a perfect depiction for a universe of endless war. That’s what this game has to offer past the infuriating early experience.

Dawn of War III hasn’t been received with the same enthusiasm like its predecessors which is understandable given the release situation. But while much of the criticism is valid, criticism to which I took part, I’m hoping people will peek through their veil of expectation and disappointment to find the game that I did. A game far from being perfect, yet worthy of my time.

Like a true Space Marine!