Screenshot of the Week #122: Space walking!

by on May 8, 2017

Prey launched last Friday and as someone who’s in love with the shock-esque gameplay I went full out on Arkane’s latest game. The inspirational material for the game is quite obvious sending a strong vibe of System Shock 2/Bioshock, Half-Life 2 and Deus Ex but with a modernized design. Arkane developers follow the same formula they seem to love, providing a detailed and intricate level design as playground for a gameplay inclining towards the player’s creativity. The options are plenty yet the gameplay is somehow limited by some of its own elements not always delivering on its core concept.

As I finished the game I have to express my disappointment with the narrative which didn’t deliver the strong and shocking story I was expecting, despite a peculiar and interesting ending. But for every bit of narrative disappointment that Prey has caused me I had as much fun exploring its world. The Talos I space station can be marvelous, at times, serving as a research station with a strange luxurious hotel vibe. The artistic direction is impressive with an imposing architecture that’s worth praising that carries on even on the outside. Prey has pulled off, in style, a detailed space walking that’s extending the exploration to a larger and more interesting scale shaming some of the space oriented games out there.

Discovering the secrets of the Talos I is a 30 hours job which I enjoyed despite some obvious and disappointing flaws.