Screenshot of the Week #121: The Dark Soul!

by on April 25, 2017

A late screenshot for a week that has passed but by missing my schedule I didn’t want to miss on the opportunity to say goodbye Dark Souls for what’s probably going to be a long while.

I was deeply disappointed by The Ringed City DLC and to this date I haven’t touched it again. But despite the feelings I hold right now towards the series I haven’t given up on my goal of 100% achievements completion for the design masterpiece that is Dark Souls. Slowly but surely I worked my way through the last bosses of NG+ to a surprisingly paced NG++ in which I performed admirably against areas that usually got the best of me, holding Gwyn and Sif souls for a last meeting with the Giant Blacksmith. A meeting I have foreseen as an ending point for the rich and intense experience that has been Dark Souls.

I now put on the digital shelf a game in which I invested more than 100 hours of gameplay. A game that delighting me with its fascinating visual and level design; intrigued me with its mysterious story; challenged me with its difficulty and frustrated the PC gamer out of me with its many technical problems.

Goodbye Dark Souls, I hope we’ll meet again someday!