Screenshot of the Week #119: Not even close!

by on April 10, 2017

It’s hard to imagine what a Souls disappointment will look like after Dark Souls II, a game that did some things good and some poorly, redeeming some of its sins praise worthy DLCs. It’s even hard to imagine that disappointment will come from the series’ last steps for many years to come.

I got to play  Dark Souls III The Ringed City last weekend after a raging postpone due to an inexplicable loss of my save files. But I put that grief behind me to dive in the ending DLC to a saga that has changed the gaming world forever and what I found wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. Before anyone starts saying that I’m to blame because I was expecting closure to a troubled and mysterious story, the first thing I wanted was a tue Dark Souls experience. I wanted a piece of content that’s intelligently designed, challenging but fair and that wasn’t what I received. While many critics out there praise the living thing out of the hollow undeads of The Ringed City, I’ve experienced an entirely different DLC. An uninspired attempt to make a game more difficult through mechanical gimmicks that aren’t exactly fair. A spam of spongy patrols intersecting in narrow places with deadly chain of attacks which brought difficulty through raw numbers. But I would have let that go if the other important elements were there to support this ending chapter. If the level design was the type of architectural masterpiece we are used to see in this series (Dark Souls II base game aside). If all the bosses were actually interesting challenges worth of the finale. And ultimately, and this is more for those like me who sought story within this messed up world, if this DLC brought value to the lore not by inventing new stuff but building, if just a little more, on the existing ideas. But none of these happened.

The Ringed City DLC isn’t as dreadful as I make it sound and there are surely some bits of greatness in it but it’s just far from the astonishing ending this series deserved. I ended this saga in a way I never did before, by giving up. I felt betrayed and disappointed, losing my will to fight right there at the end. I don’t feel like picking up my Chaos Blade anymore and dealing with the setback of my lost saves in my quest for 100% completion. It’s true that in an adventure I should reflect about the journey, yet I feel so unsatisfied about its ending…

It was just the first attempt!