Screenshot of the Week #118: Tactical cowering 2.0!

by on April 2, 2017

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Early Access is barely a week old and I already put over 50 hours into it. I’ve been waiting for a more realistic Battle Royale game for years and Battlegrounds is pretty much all I’ve been hoping for. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s not all honey and milk with this game. The European servers have been taking some heavy lag hits over the weekend and the counter of bugs found is increasing with each passing day. But this is just a slightly bumpy start to a promising game that has a ton of potential and I’m willing to continue despite the current frustration it causes me. I’ve actually decided to put any other online game on hold (Guild Wars 2 and Rainbow Six Siege) to focus on Battlegrounds which I plan to make as my competitive game and so far this is going good. I’m not topping the game’s ladder but I’m doing pretty well for myself with quite a few victories under my belt. But even if things weren’t going my way, the adrenaline driven gameplay experience coupled with the competitive aspect of Battle Royale really keep me hooked while victories are just a culmination of a satisfactory gameplay experience that most online games just can’t provide.

Seeing how things go, I would expect more screenshots of the week showcasing my adventurous exploits in Battlegrounds!

I know he’s up there!