Screenshot of the Week #107: Salty fashion!

by on January 8, 2017

kicking off the New Year by playing a game I missed the last year. I didn’t
pick Salt and Sanctuary because platforming tends to frustrate the living hell
out of me. But while the Metroidvania exploration kept me away for months, the
Soul-esque combat kept calling me in. So, naturally, I gave in to the
                It was
a hell of a ride to escape the monsters riddled island and only my OCDish
ambition got me through some of the rough moments, but I did it! Salt and Sanctuary
is pretty much at the crossroads between Metroidvania and Dark Souls, taking
the best of both in a sidescrolling action adventure filled with platforming
and tough fights. The game does an amazing job at accommodating the Souls
combat system into a sidescrolling perspective, but the camera’s limitation can
be felt in the difficulty. Salt and Sanctuary is a fun and challenging game,
yet not a fair one. The 2D has its limits and while the extreme verticalization
coupled with the navigation abilities provides options, sometimes isn’t enough.
The boss fights tend to surface these problems the most. Being cornered can be
problematic and it doesn’t help that bosses tend to chain deadly abilities in
the most infuriating way possible. Still, the game can be good fun when not
getting stomped by a screen full of lightning spheres. There is a ton of
content to explore and a lot of replay value. The itemization is pretty in
depth and the large skill tree expands the power of each class and play style
in a more balanced way than Dark Souls games ever did.
and Sanctuary is clearly a product born out of the heritage left behind by the
Dark Souls series, focusing on challenge and gameplay, but without forgetting
the importance of stylish weapons and armors!
Come to me, I mean no harm!