Two years of games slashing!!!

by on January 31, 2016

would have thought this day would come? I had my doubts in the beginning, but
as I wrote more and more I started to realize how much I like what I’m doing and
those doubts went away. So, despite my style of quitting everything I knew that
won’t happen with this project.
I want to keep things pretty simple with this post. Sure it
wasn’t easy to get so far and it will probably become harder in the future. But
this is a celebration of a birthday not a funeral so there is no need to get
year of slashing through video games and what a year! I had a pre-release
review, three interviews and a few popular articles with views in the order of
thousands. The articles almost doubled in number and the views almost tripled
and that has to mean something and that gives me confidence to continue and to
work harder.
I might have missed on my deadlines and didn’t deliver on
some of the promised articles, but my focus for quality hasn’t changed. I want
my articles to be the best they can be and if I can’t do that I’m not reluctant
to let go (and also time clearly isn’t on my side…).
The plans for the future are crystal clear for me: write
more (and better), expand the variety of articles and ultimately and the most
important one is switching to a real website and that is taken care of (coming really
                I have the tendency of overwriting everything but I’m learning to
control this. So, in the spirit of keeping things shorter I’ll end this with my
I want to thank TopSOUL for taking out of his time to help
me by editing most of the articles and supporting me with this endeavor (which
can’t be easy). I want to thank Wolfe for joining in with a few but well
written articles. I want to thank Mosquito Media
for taking on the job to build the future for The Game Slashers. And ultimately
I want to thank all those who didn’t doubt me and the readers who have the
willpower to put up with a ton of text and see what’s underneath.
I still remember the promise I made when I started this, but
DayZ is still not done yet, so if you really want that full review you should
stick around (for a couple of years :D).
Happy Birthday The
Game Slashers!!!