Screenshot of the Week #36: It’s Zed time!

by on May 3, 2015

                I’ve played all the big games released lately, now the wait for The Witcher 3 begins. It is not much time left until May 19th when I can finally play the game and see what was true and what wasn’t during CDPR’s questionable marketing campaign.
                I haven’t been playing much lately, besides the usual casual Guild Wars 2 farm and some Killing Floor 2 matches.
I abandoned GTA V for a while, mostly because I’m not that into the singleplayer and the Online mode has some annoying issues, plus my gaming buddies bailed on me. But I will probably get back to it soon and to finish the singleplayer so I can write a detailed review about it.
                Besides The Witcher 3, I have my eye on a few upcoming titles including Magicka 2, Blitzkrieg, Armored Warfare CBT and the controversial Hatred (can’t wait!).
Don’t try to figure out what is going on there!
                Things went slowly this week and I didn’t take in consideration Labour Day, so despite finishing this week’s article on Saturday, I won’t be able to post it until tomorrow. Last month I was very productive (as I promised) and I hope I can carry the momentum into this month as well (despite the slow start).

PS: Ding 100 articles!!!

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